California Grown Hemp
California is the most valuable market for hemp derived products in the world. With our wide varieties of climates and huge populations, California is the place to grow.

Where can I Grow
Knowing where to grow is important. There are issue to navigate and the most important 
is location.

Different counties will have different policies specific to 
where or what zoning will be required for hemp production.
How to Grow
Just because you have purchased seed does not mean that you will have a viable crop at the end of harvest. There are several way to grow and in large part it is based on the location of grow and the end product that you want to have. 

Cannabinoids Vs. Clothing, Food, Products
Which crop is the right crop for you. It depends on what your goals are. Hemp has been utilized for clothing, textiles and building materials for centuries. It has also been used for food and oil as well as medicine. Choosing the right variety will determine what the end product of commodity you will have to sell.

Farming cannabinoids is the 
most valuable aspect of the 
Hemp Market today and in the future. Knowing which strains 
to grow and how to grow them 
is key. 


Growing for Clothes or seed is also an aspect of hemp cultivation. While the market value is much smaller, there is a significant demand for seed and stalk. 

Growing for products such as building materials or  hemp derived plastics is a whole other aspect of the development of farms.